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wong reports. >> nellie bishop never used to see the sunrise from her kitchen window. she used to look out and see her neighbor's house. that house is gone. >> when we woke up this morning and looked out, we couldn't believe it. still can't believe it. it's surreal. >> we're used to seeing our neighbors go to work in the morning. we're waving at them. >> we hope they all come back. >> the bishops say the city, their insurance company and peg have been there for whatever they've needed since this has happened. >> they're right there. we've never had to look around to find these people. they were always there. >> reporter: but local authorities say not everyone has good intentions and say the victims of this disaster are at risk of being victimized again, by people who are looking to make a dime off of this tragedy. >> i've worked so many other fires in northern california; and, you know, these people will come in and just wreak havoc upon these people. >> licensing board investigators say the scam artists and unlicensed contractors will hit a neighborhood ravaged by disaster about a wee
the fire there or is it? >> right now no major impact. a slow period of the evening for us as far as departures. where the fire is it is just a little south of our departure path for our flights if you are familiar with the runway configuration. the normal flights and domestic people are out over the bay and transatlantic goes over san bruno and daly city. but right now we don't have the impact. we sent three units of mutual aid, firefighterring rigs over there at the request of the commander. >> okay. thank you for your time. we will be checking back in with you as well. let's go now to julie with more new information, jewel stphe. >> reporter: yes, i just received information from kaiser hospital in south city onel camino raol. they are reporting they have six patients as a result of the fire. three are in critical condition. they say more people, more patients are walking into their er. we learned that sutter hospital in burling game has been notified to stand by. they do not have a trauma center there in burling game but they have been alerted, notified and be ready for patie
is performing dna tests to confirm the identification. >>> the u.s. government says it will not pay $500,000 they are demanded by the iranian government to free hikers sarah shourd. a ron had said they would free her on saturday but then added the half-million dollar bill demand. her family says it is having a hard time raising the money and her attorney says diplomats are passing up that they'll be lowered or dropped. >>> authorities are being asked for help tonight in finding a man accused of robbing three bay area 7711 stores at gunpoint. a surveillance footage shows a man with a semi automatic weapon of robbing an oakland 711 on september 4th. the same man drove to hayward and hit another store. a $2,500 reward is being offered for information in this case. >>> police say they have arrested two men in connection with an armed robbery created investigators say officers pulled over a car for a traffic violation and they found items from the amusement park in the car as well as marijuana. police say the car's driver is an employee of the park and a passenger works for the vendor. both
rubble today using search dogs as they moved through, home by home, looking for anymore victims of the blast that killed at least four people. the recovery efforts slowed because many homes were too hot or damaged for crews to get in. >> i've requested two additional urban search and rescue teams to assist us as there's quite a bit of rubble and did he ebris that has to be cleared. >> pairs and love went out today for the family of an 8th grade student and her mother who lived in the blast area. close friends and relatives say the mother and daughter are among the dead. the priest says janessa was elected student body president, and her mother worked as employee of the california public utilitiys. members say they're putting the greg family and others into their prayers. some are still learning if their family members will survive burn injuries. >> his grandmother was brought to the hospital. >> church staff say the grandmother was severely burned in the fire, and like so many others, each reeling from the painful toll this fire has taken o the community. >> it's heart
backup. >> it would have saved us two hours of this in for no. >> reporter: congressman plan to introduce bills for shutoff valves on natural grass lined. >> the technology did not exist, the technology exists now so i think it's a bigger piece of legislation. >> monitors of congress will propose those to monitor pipelines nationwide. >> force the companies to date to behave themselves. to monitor to be aware of the danger and begin immediate replacement of those most dangerous spy planes. >> reporter: the ntsb is investigating pg&e's performance that they prefer a live, jana katsuyama, k. to. >> critics say they may have sown the seeds of last week's disaster three years ago. in 20007 they asked the public utilities commission for about $5 million to replace a section of a pipeline that ruptured last week. in turn pg&e receive the money saying it would replace the section in 2,009 but came back asking for more money saying it would do the work in 2013. >> we are wondering why didn't they replace the section when they got the money to do this? >> some things happen when we a
the car. >>> a u.s. air way jet made a safe landing late this afternoon after the pilot noticed smoke in th cockpit. it landed in san francisco just after 5:00 p.m.. the airline says the 757 was 1,000 miles over the pacific when the pilot declared an emergency. 175 passengers and 6 crew members were on board. the airline is bringing in another plane to take the passengers to hawaii. >>> investigators searching for what caused last week's mass f gas line say liquid running through the pipe might have corroded it from the inside. chronicles is reporting that pg&e was reported about the problems last year year. it says they took action to investigate but couldn't put robots inside the san bruno pipe to investigate. >> one of the reasons we're continually monitoring the corrosion. >> pg&e labeled a different mile and a half section of that same pipeline being unexpectational high rescue but still have not determined what caused the blast. >>> it was an emotional dae where mourners gather to say goodbye to a mother and daughter that died in the explosion. >> the drizzly morning matched the
at kaiser center auditorium in downtown. oakland is using a ranked choice system in the election. you can choose the top three candidates and if no one gets 50% of the vote the vote is redistributed. when the debate concludes we will post it for you on our web site. and we will have a complete report on our 10:00 news. >>> it has been two weeks since the san bruno gas pipeline disaster. now the state is ordered to look into what happened and probe the safety of pg&e pipeline. the commission today ordered the creation of independent review panel, including a group of experts selected in the next 60 days. the commission has ordered pg&e to pay for the panel and they must make all of the people ready for interviewed and release all of the records for the pipeline that ruptured. >>> crews started the next face of cleanup. demolishing the first of three dozen homes destroyed in the fire. the three homes leveled today is one on fair month and the other on earl and the third on claremon avenue. >> reporter: rick stopped to look at the damage done here. he has run through this neighborhood every
clothes off. so i jumped back in, and he was swimming towards us and saying help me. i got him to the edge of the boat and holding on to him. >> he said he performed cpr until the coast guard arrived, but he was pronounced dead at the medical center. the survivors say none of the men were wearing life vests. >>> doctors say a jockey badly injured in a race this weekend is paralyzed from the waist down. before we show you the video, we'd like to warn you you might find it disturbing. this is when it happened, 24- year-old michael is in critical but stable position. the jockey's spinal cord was severed when the horse fell on top of him on sunday. he underwent 11 hours of surgery. his agent says that the jockey and wife are expecting their first child any day now. >>> the state fish and game department has launched a criminal investigation into the instruction of 700 acres of wetlands. investigators believe a contractor for chev ron illegally pumped the water out of the wetlands last week so crews could work on a natural pipeline. at least 1,500 fish have been left to rot and has been at that
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8